Company Overview

Helping the Best Get Better
We help the best financial advisors in the country get even better. We say it a lot, but what does that mean? From case design, product analysis and operational support to award-winning creative services, proven business and sales processes, seminar strategies and time-saving technology, Advisors Excel has the solutions advisors need to take their businesses to the next level.

From Small Beginnings to Big Dreams

We were founded to serve others: our clients and our community.

Proving skeptics wrong since 2004
We’ve come further than anyone ever imagined, and we’ve still got BIG DREAMS for where we want to go. But no matter what, we’ll never forget where it all began, like so many entrepreneurial dreams do: as a big idea, sitting around the kitchen table.

After working in the industry for several years, Cody Foster and David Callanan knew independent financial professionals deserved more from their marketing partners.

Cody and David, along with their third founding partner and friend, Derek Thompson, cashed in their 401(k) plans, took second mortgages on their homes and piled together every penny to their names — and they didn’t look back. They were determined to succeed because they believed in what they were trying to build.

Initial estimates pegged potential growth of Advisors Excel to 50 employees and $1 billion in annual paid production. The founders easily obliterated those goals through an uncompromising work ethic that focused on all aspects of advisors’ business operations.

Never Stop Growing
Our founders continue to push us to never settle for less than excellence. Our way of doing business transformed the entire financial services industry — and we aren’t done yet.

Oh, and remember those founding principles from around the kitchen table? They’re inscribed on a plaque in the lounge near the AE soda fountain in the main office building, hanging right next to the tabletop where our story began.


Making a Difference
We understand how incredibly blessed we’ve been as an organization year after year. It’s our duty to give back to the community that helped us succeed from the start.

While Advisors Excel gives a significant dollar amount to worthy causes and organizations each year, we strive to do more than that. Each quarter, every employee spends time volunteering and helping advance one of our company’s key community engagement pillars:

  • Children & Education
  • Poverty
  • Hunger
  • Financial Literacy


Better Together
As we grow, maintaining our exceptional yet fun culture is a top priority.

Our Mission:
Help good advisors become great business owners so they can help people enjoy amazing retirements.

Our Core Values

  • Take Ownership
    Be accountable and take ownership of every problem that arises. As we continue to grow, it becomes easier to say, “That’s not my job.” But, we are all in this together. You are working in a fast-paced environment; you are empowered to make decisions; take ownership and make them.

  • Never Stop Growing
    As a service-based company, our growth is directly tied to your own personal improvement. Be a growth-minded person who is trying to improve each day. Opportunities at Advisors Excel will be given to those demonstrating commitment to long-term growth.

  • Be an Excellent Teammate
    We have tried to create an environment where people enjoy coming to work. Be respectful to your teammates. Always be the person to jump in to help get the job done. Smile. Hold open the door. Be kind. Bring positive energy every day.

  • Always do the Right Thing
    Advisors trust us to support them as they help people make this huge life transition. We must honor that trust by always doing the right thing … every time, every day. Act with integrity. Always be honest. If you make a mistake, own up to it while immediately fixing it. No alibis, no excuses.

  • Create Ultimate Advisor Experience
    All things being equal, the business that provides the best experience will always win. Go above and beyond to make our advisors feel special. Be available, be engaged with their needs, be committed, be empathetic. Say thank you. Be exceptional.

Find Your Career

We’re looking for top talent to join our award-winning team. We expect our employees to deliver an amazing one-of-a-kind experience to our clients, but we reward that hard work with some killer benefits.

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